Before I Go: Getting The Essential Questions Asked and Answered Before You Die

Before I Go: Creating A Good End of Life Plan

This is me and my husband Philip, on holiday in France just before he was diagnosed with stomach cancer. By December 2011 he had died, age 66. I was plunged into grief, of course.  

But one thing I was glad we had done, was talk about some of the practical things I needed to know.  

Now, I am offering you the opportunity to talk with your nearest and dearest and create a comprehensive end-of-life plan for yourself, so they can have an easier time than I did.

 If you don't do this, then you risk: 

  • your family arguing and perhaps falling out for years
  • your special possessions being thrown out
  • your family having to spend much more time and money sorting things out
  • there being less inheritance for them
  • worrying and anxiety while you are still alive

Join me on this Before I Go online course, complete your copy of the Workbook, (see opposite) create your end-of-life plan, get everything finally sorted - and then breathe a sigh of relief!

Delcia & Russell McNeil

“Without Jane's help, we wouldn't have done anything other than a will and some financial information; and we'd have been much less organised. Through the work with her, and the very useful discussions and information, we got clear about what we wanted and didn't want, and wrote it down. Jane had a gift for getting us disciplined in a very supportive way, and working together as a couple doing this has made us realise how invaluable it has been.”  

Delcia & Russell McNeil

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Course Content

Module 1: Looking After the Legals

  • The single most important thing to do to make your wishes known to your loved ones
  • 3 legal points that have to be taken care of, but most people don't know about  
  • 13 important questions to ask your lawyer to get the most value for your money


Module 2: Values and Advance Directives (Living Wills)

  • The 3 most important practical information pieces you can give your loved ones 
  • Your values: what they are, why they are so essential to your death and what to do about them  
  • The 3 major obstacles to decision-making and how to overcome them  
  • Why knowing just what you want in your last days is crucial

Module 3: Death Preparation

  • The 6 areas where grief manifests and how to cope with that
  • What actually happens when you die and why knowing this is important 
  • The 3 most-needed qualities when having end of life discussions with family and friends  


Module 4: Lessening the Household Headaches 

  • Why it's important that privacy and secrecy is not so private or secret
  • The 5 steps of taking care of your digital presence
  • The 3 pointers for easy death cleaning (decluttering)

Module 5: After Death 

  • What actually happens when someone dies?
  • The 4 ways to deal with a body and how to choose what's right for you
  • Body at home or not? How to decide

Module 6: Celebrating Your Life and Death!

  • The 3 essentials of a good ritual 
  • How to make your memorial or funeral one that works for 
  • everyone, including you  
  • Why writing your obituary benefits you now as well as them later  


Module 7: Your Living Legacy

  • The 3 main things you'll want to be remembered for and how to make sure that happens
  •  The real point of a bucket list  
  • Keeping everything updated
  • Conclusion and celebration!



Here's What Some Others Have Said About This Inspiring Course:

Sherry Richert Belul

"On an emotional level, this class helped me feel so grateful for my life, the people in it, and the choices I get to make. On a practical level, the worksheets, supplemental materials, and informative class conversations helped me to prepare the legal and personal documents that will make dying and death easier on myself and my family. And you know what? The class was FUN. It was life-affirming and joyful. Don’t be afraid to talk about death; it just may bring you to life!"  

Sherry Richert Belul USA 

Dr. Doreen Miller

“As doctors, we say ‘prevention is better than cure’. Jane’s approach to end of life is very positive. She provides all the tools for a plan which can be easily accessed at the time of death by any member of the family. Because it has been taken care of many months before, there are no surprises, so loved ones feel the immediate benefit and can go forward with confidence knowing what was wanted, even just by doing the ‘Before I Go’ quiz. I say ‘Prevent the Pain with the Plan’.”  

Dr. Doreen Miller, England

Patty Burgess Brecht

"For anyone who has a blended family or has been re-married, this course and workbook is a MUST! Having the “excuse” that I had an assignment from Jane’s course made it easy to open the conversation with my husband, when previously I could not hold his attention for 15 minutes on this topic. And now I feel like I have created a “living document,” not a “death document.”  

UPatty Burgess Brecht USA

Jan Morley

“One of the joys of doing your course is that you plant the seed of thinking about your own death and little seedlings pop up in unexpected places that lead to a fully grown tree of life. The course was a surprisingly life affirming thing to do and you steered us through it with just the right amount of firmness, laughter and joy whilst also holding the sadness too.”  

Jan Morley, England


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Money-Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are not satisfied with this course, and you have completed all the homework, you can have your money back. That's because I know how very valuable this work is, from personal experience, and from hearing about others' tragic stories. So if you don't agree with me to it's value, then I want to hear why, and to acknowledge that. Just send me an email with the details of what didn't work for you.


"Thanks so much for the BIG course. You are absolutely brilliant at it and the course is very thorough and well thought out. I love your combination of practical, matter of fact information, plus your loving kindness and care for people’s difficult experiences."  

Lisa Mead, Scotland  


When my dad passed away from Alzheimer's after fighting that disease for over a decade, none of his end of life plans were determined. It was a nightmare for my family to grieve his loss and also have to quickly plan his memorial service and cremation. Going through Jane's Before I Go programme with my mom has been such a relief. We have put our end of life plans in order and are prepared for the inevitable, which is a huge blessing. Thank you, Jane, for being a compassionate, informative voice during this otherwise stressful process. I am so glad I have gotten to know you and learn from you to make end of life plans for my family and others an easier experience. I would highly recommend your courses, workbooks, and resources to any person who has an aging parent as well as any business owner who is thoughtful enough to plan for the future to make circumstances easier on those left behind.

Gina Decker, USA

Register for the group: Starts Thursday 17th May 2018

Dates are: 17th, 24th & 31st May - then a gap, re-starting 21st, 28th June, and 5th and 12th July  

6-7pm UK (10am PST, 1pm EST)  

and get your end-of-life plan completed!

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What Will I Get From This Course?

Support 2Relief


For yourself, and your family and friends



From others doing the same thing, making it much easier to do yourself



Things that have been in the back of your mind for ages will finally find their rightful place and be sorted



Because you've done something you know is a really good idea, for both yourself and for others 



Because paradoxically, facing your death allows you to live life more fully



Much easier when you are supported and held accountable.



Because you've decided what you want and actioned it :)



With all your documentation taken care of, it's easy for you and others to find when it's all in one place.

What Does the Course Consist Of? 


7 Group Coaching Calls with plenty of time for questions (Value £1160; $1490)


Before I Go Workbook, including Resources Pack (44 pages) (Value £115; $148)  


Recordings of All Calls so you can listen again at your leisure, or listen in if you are away for any reason (Value £115; $148)


Buddy System so you can have the support of one extra special person (Value £75; $97)


Private Facebook Group for interaction during the whole course and beyond (Value £75; $97)


Private Sessions with me (as an upgrade) if you have anything more personal that you wish to discuss, or just want that extra individual support. (Value unlimited!)

TOTAL VALUE: £1540 ($1980)  

Actual Price You Pay - only £197 ($279)  

(Payment plans available; click on the link below for more information) 


Your workshop still continue the process more than a year later. In the last week or so I’ve given away dozens of books I no longer need and rid myself of boxes of old letters and thousands of pages of academic research I’ve been carrying around. This will, of course, save my kids from wondering what to do with it all. It’s been a process filled with both a sense of liberation and grief as I let go of pieces of my life.  

Michael Williams, Scotland