The Before I Go Method: Creating Your End-of-Life Plan

The Before I Go Method: Creating Your End-of-Life Plan

This is me and my husband Philp, on holiday in France, just before he was diagnosed with stomach cancer. By December 2011 he had died, aged 66. I was plunged into grief, of course. Fortunately we had talked about at least some of the practical things I needed to know – but I was soon to discover what we had done wasn’t nearly enough. Even trying to turn on the TV became a huge hurdle that I found impossible to cope with on top of my already debilitating sorrow and yearning to have him back.

The thing is, we don’t understand the huge impact that grief has on our thoughts, feelings and actions, until we are slap bang in the middle of grieving. And by then it is too late.  

Now I am offering you the opportunity to talk with your nearest and dearest and create a truly comprehensive end-of-life plan for yourself, so that after you have gone, those left behind will have a much easier time than I did. 

Remember, it is a huge shock to the system when death inevitably happens, and we are left floundering around wondering what on earth to do and how to manage. Creating your plan can really help with that.

If you don't do this, then you risk:  

  • there being less inheritance for your family 
  • unnecessary worry and anxiety while you are still alive
  • your special possessions being thrown out
  • your family having to spend much more time and money sorting things out
  • family members arguing and perhaps falling out for years

Having run this course for over 2 years, I have adapted the format to make it even more flexible and easy to do. You will get advance access to videos, MP3's, PDF's and live calls, all designed to help you complete your copy of the Before I Go Workbook, see opposite, which will mean you have finally got everything sorted. Then you can breathe a sigh of relief, and get on with LIVING LIFE to the FULL, right now!

Delcia & Russell McNeil

“Without Jane's help, we wouldn't have done anything other than a will and some financial information; and we'd have been much less organised. Through the work with her, and the very useful discussions and information, we got clear about what we wanted and didn't want, and wrote it down. Jane had a gift for getting us disciplined in a very supportive way, and working together as a couple doing this has made us realise how invaluable it has been.”  

Delcia & Russell McNeil

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If you DO do this, then you risk:

  • Enjoying yourself doing it! 'Enjoyable' is the most common word participants have used to describe this course, believe it or not!  
  • No more waking in the wee small hours, as you’ll know your spouse/partner/relative will manage to locate everything they need  
  • Huge relief from the tyranny of just not getting around to it, but wishing you had done  
  • Stimulating conversations, as you decide with your friends and relatives what you all want, and when, why, how and where 
  • Giving a great going away present – arguably one of the most selfless gifts you can give, as you won’t be around to watch their appreciation

Course Content: Sections One and Two 

Section 1: Before Death

Module 1: Your Life and Death Values

You can’t make any decisions about how you ideally want your end of life to be without knowing what your life values are. In this module, we’ll look at those with a view to helping you get clear about these. You’ll discover:

  • Your values: what they are, why they are so essential to your death and what to do about them  
  • The 3 most important practical information pieces you can give your loved ones 
  • Why knowing just what you want in your last days is crucial

Module 2: Creating Your Advance Directive (Living Wills)

 An advance decision allows you to state whether you want life-prolonging treatment or not in your last weeks/days, if you can’t speak for yourself. In this module, you'll find:

  • 3 crucial questions that need to be asked before you write anything
  • How to use your values to create this document  
  • A template to personalise your wishes

Module 3: Looking After the Legals

Does talk of powers of attorney and wills make you yawn, or feel guilty? Here’s how to make it easier, even enjoyable, and still get what you need to do, done.

  • 13 important questions to ask your lawyer to get the most value for your money
  • The single most important thing to do to make your wishes known to your loved ones
  • The 1 alarming legal point that has to be taken care of, but most people don't know about 

Module 4: Lessening the Household Headaches  

Imagine what you would do if your spouse or partner suddenly wasn’t around? Would you know where to find documents, how to operate an appliance, what insurances you have? Take action in this module to avoid this. Discover:

  • Why it's important that privacy and secrecy is not so private or secret
  • What only you know about your household that needs to be shared 
  • 3 essential elements of machines, appliances and vehicles


Module 5: Your Digital Life 

Who knows how to get into your phone or your computer? If you weren’t here, then how would anyone know who to contact if you had died yesterday? Yes, your digital life lives on – unless you take action now. In this module, you'll find out:

  • Why you need to share your passwords
  • How to plan your digital legacy
  • The 5 steps of taking care of your digital presence  


Section 2: After Death

Module 6: Disposal of bodies

Whatever your beliefs as to what happens after death, there is always going to be a body for others to take care of – and this is a legal requirement in all countries. Find out:

  • The 9 ways bodies can be taken care of
  • How to choose just what's right for you
  • Body at home or not? How to decide

Module 7: Funerals and Rituals

It's easy to underestimate the power of ritual these days, but in this module we explore why it's so important.

  • The 3 essentials of a good ritual 
  • 25 questions to ask to make sure what you want happens
  • How to choose who will conduct your funeral  

Module 8: Undertaker or DIY?

Did you know you don’t have to have a funeral director? But you do need to know a few other things if you decide on this option. In this module, discover:

  • Who does what and how to choose
  • 5 things you need to have prepared in advance for a DIY funeral
  • How to keep costs down

Module 9: Death Cleaning (aka decluttering)

Death cleaning is different from ordinary decluttering. But if YOU don’t do it now, then someone else (who???) will have to. Discover:

  • The 3 pointers to make death cleaning easier
  • How overwhelm stops you and what to do about it
  • How to select what you want keep in a manageable way

Module 10: Obituaries/Eulogies & Keeping It All Updated

You could just disappear off the world with hardly anyone knowing. Or you could take charge of how you go. 

  • The 3 main things you'll want to be remembered for and how to make sure that happens
  •  Why writing your obituary benefits you now 
  • How to easily keep your end-of-life plan updated


Get your end-of-life plan completed now!

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Here's What Some Others Have Said About This Inspiring Course:

Sherry Richert Belul

"On an emotional level, this class helped me feel so grateful for my life, the people in it, and the choices I get to make. On a practical level, the worksheets, supplemental materials, and informative class conversations helped me to prepare the legal and personal documents that will make dying and death easier on myself and my family. And you know what? The class was FUN. It was life-affirming and joyful. Don’t be afraid to talk about death; it just may bring you to life!"  

Sherry Richert Belul USA 

Dr. Doreen Miller

“As doctors, we say ‘prevention is better than cure’. Jane’s approach to end of life is very positive. She provides all the tools for a plan which can be easily accessed at the time of death by any member of the family. Because it has been taken care of many months before, there are no surprises, so loved ones feel the immediate benefit and can go forward with confidence knowing what was wanted, even just by doing the ‘Before I Go’ quiz. I say ‘Prevent the Pain with the Plan’.”  

Dr. Doreen Miller, England

Patty Burgess Brecht

"For anyone who has a blended family or has been re-married, this course and workbook is a MUST! Having the “excuse” that I had an assignment from Jane’s course made it easy to open the conversation with my husband, when previously I could not hold his attention for 15 minutes on this topic. And now I feel like I have created a “living document,” not a “death document.”  

UPatty Burgess Brecht USA

Jan Morley

“One of the joys of doing your course is that you plant the seed of thinking about your own death and little seedlings pop up in unexpected places that lead to a fully grown tree of life. The course was a surprisingly life affirming thing to do and you steered us through it with just the right amount of firmness, laughter and joy whilst also holding the sadness too.”  

Jan Morley, England

Lisa Mead

"Thanks so much for the B.I.G. course. You are absolutely brilliant at it and the course is very thorough and well thought out. I love your combination of practical, matter of fact information, plus your loving kindness and care for people’s difficult experiences."  

Lisa Mead, Scotland  

Gina Decker

When my dad passed away from Alzheimer's, none of his end of life plans were determined. It was a nightmare for my family to grieve his loss and also have to quickly plan his memorial service and cremation. Going through Jane's Before I Go programme with my mom has been such a relief. We have put our end of life plans in order and are prepared for the inevitable, which is a huge blessing. 

Gina Decker, USA

Get your end-of-life plan completed now!

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How it works

Once you have signed up, you will receive:

  • A fillable PDF of the Before I Go Workbook, the document which when completed will be the basis of your end of life plan. You can either print this out, or fill it in on your device.  
  • Access to each module in the section you have signed up for on the Monday of the first week, and then each Monday after that for the next 4 weeks. None take long to watch, read or listen to, and so can be done in just a few minutes here and there if you wish  

  • Important! You do not need to have a copy of Jane's new book Before I Go: The Essential Guide to Creating a Good End of Life Plan! But you may wish to have one for more background reading; in some instances the videos/MP3’s may refer to it.  

Then you watch, read or listen to the contents of that module BEFORE the coaching call on the Thursday of that week.  

This is your chance to be inspired to take action, to ask questions, to share your stories and to join with others wanting to do the same thing as you.  


Money-Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are not satisfied with this course, and you have completed all the instructions in the modules, you can have your money back. That's because I know how very valuable this work is, from personal experience, and from hearing about others' tragic stories. So if you don't agree with me to it's value, then I want to hear why, and to acknowledge that. Just send me an email with the details of what didn't work for you.

Register for the Method: 

Section One starts Monday 24th September 2018 

Section Two starts Monday 12th November 2018

Modules released each Monday; live coaching calls on Thursdays of that week 7-8pm (UK time; 11am PST, 2pm EST))

DATES: Section 1 Before Death: 24th Sepember - 25th October

Section 2 After Death: November 12th - Dec 13th


Get your end-of-life plan completed now!

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What Do I Get From Participating in the Before I Go Method?

RELIEF that everything's been taken care of. That's relief for yourself, as well as your family members or friends

SUPPORT - you don't have to struggle all alone. Others doing the same thing, makes it much easier to do yourself


PEACE OF MIND. When you take care of something you know is a good idea, your mind can settle


 FREEDOM - from the tyranny of guilt cos you keep meanng to get round to it, but don't


BE MORE FULLY ALIVE! Because paradoxically, facing your death allows you to live life more fully :)


ACTION TAKEN This is so much easier when you are supported and held accountable.

NO MORE WORRIES, phew! Because you've decided what you want and actioned it


FIND EVERYTHING EASILY With all your documentation taken care of, it's easy for you and others to find when it's all in one place.

What Does the Method Consist Of? Two sections, and in each you get:


1. Access to all videos/MP3'/PDF's to watch in advance of the coaching call Value: £295


4. Your copy of the Before I Go Workbook, including Resources Pack: Value £35


2. Five live Group Coaching Calls with plenty of time for questions: Value £395


Buddy System so you can have the support of one extra special person. Value £75


3. Private Facebook Group for interaction during each Section and beyond: Value £75


Recordings of All Calls so you can listen again at your leisure, or if you are away for any reason. Value: £75

VALUE OF BOTH SECTIONS: £950 (approx $1225)  

Actual Price You Pay - only £194 ($249) for both (£97/$125 for each section)

Important! This is the beta version of the automated BIG Method. Even though I have been teaching this for over 2 years, it's the first time it has been offered in this format. It's a one-time only price, and you'll be asked to give a testimonial and feedback at the end, so I can improve the Method and make it even better for everyone following you. 

If you want to be part of a movement that is bringing death out of the closet, making it easier for everyone to talk about, and finally have end-of-life plans be as normal as birth plans, then join now!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What if I can’t make the coaching call? All these are recorded so you can listen in at your own leisure – although of course it is best to make it live if you can, as you can ask your questions and have a conversation with Jane or one of her trained coaches.  

Q: What if I want to do both modules? You can – just sign up for the option that says Both Sections. That way you will receive all the above regarding access for both sections.  

Q: The family member I need to talk to about all this doesn’t want to talk about it. What do I do? This is covered in one of the introductory modules, but you can also bring this issue to the coaching calls for further inspiration and advice.  

Q: I can’t make all the calls and am worried I will get behind. You’ll have access to all the course content for at least a year, if not longer. Plus you will be a member of the Facebook group for as long as you wish, where there will also be encouragement and inspiration to help you continue. Not to mention the Buddy Scheme, which of course you can continue with privately.  

Q: Why do I have to buy the Before I Go Guide separately? You don’t. It is not needed in order for your to complete a good and comprehensive end of life plan. That is done by answering all the questions in the Workbook. The Guide will simply give you more background information. 


Most people will think that dealing with death sounds quite morbid. But Jane got us to turn around and just face it, and it wasn't morbid at all - actually it was a lot of fun! In the process of working through the questions in the Workbook, I actually felt liberated. It was an opportunity to do the things that most of us are scared of doing. It's not an easy process, which is whyJane's courses are so helpful, with her support and the support of others too. Taking the time to work through these questions, I felt grown up! It's well worth doing. Michael Williams, Canada